Alone Time With my Lappy. Finally.

It’s Christmas and everyone else is probably out there getting wasted on some party or stuffing their mouths with whatever christmasy food is laid out before them; belting out on whatever song is on karaoke ’till their vocal cords go dry and probably some dancing to the beat of the world famous, over used/sang/played “Gangnam Style”. I on the other had, being the dork that I am, am living up to the name of a stereotypical “nerd”.

It’s Christmas and here I am sitting in front of my tiny laptop musing on the stuff I wanted to write on for the past few days while watching a show I already stopped following (Glee Season 3, in case you’re wondering). I’m not really watching it though, totally clueless on what’s going on and who’s who. It’s only on for some white noise ’cause I can’t stand total silence. At least I won’t feel so lonely.. *insert forever alone meme here* XD

So I couldn’t really write the past few days though I really wanted to. A lot of ideas have been running through my head and now I’m not sure I’ll be able to translate that into writing, but I’ll try.

Why couldn’t I go write? Well, my brothers were hogging the laptops playing DOTA. I actually am still astounded that my tiny lappy survived the torture it went through in their hands. I didn’t even think it was possible to even play DOTA on this tiny thing. It’s only a netbook by the way. *sigh* It still is running like it normally does though. Amazingly.
And now that they’re off sleeping or doing something else, I finally get some alone time with me lappy. Arrr.. hehe.

I shall now go off to start writing on some stuff while watching #VSFashionShow which I’m guessing means that Star World will be showing Victoria’s Seceret Fashion Show next after this really long commercial.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and whatever variant of greeting there is available! Have a good one!
Cheers to us dorks who’d still be sober tomorrow and the next few days (and most likely for the majority of our dorky lives).


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