Bangkok = BOOKED!


And with that, I guess I’m set for the summer! To think it’s still Christmas break too haha. Excited much? Yes actually, yes. 😉

So, looks like Thailand would be the first country to leave a mark on my passport. I am pretty excited. If this pushes through, and most likely it will (it should), then this trip would consist a lot of my “firsts”. Things to check off my non-existent bucket list:

  • Travel outside my country.
  • Travel outside my country without my parents.
  • Travel by plane for hours. (My longest air time was only about an hour.)
  • Free load off a friend for at least a week.
  • See Elephants and Giraffes.
  • Ride an Elephant.

That’s the list I can think of from the top of my head right now. It’s bound to get longer as the day grows nearer. I’m sure of it.

What’s left now is for me to make sure I get grades worthy of the trip. It won’t be as much fun if I went on the trip with a failing mark now would it?

Mom had been planning on going with me but she contemplated on whether older bro would be graduating this coming April so she opted out since it still seems to be vague and he might actually graduate this time. She actually had her whole April free for the mean time hoping he’ll make it.

BTW, thanks mom for the fare! And advance thanks for the future pocket money… 😉
*Still rather disappointed with the seat sale thing.*


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