Cebu Pacific Seat Sale, A Lie?!


So Cebu Pacific Air had a 50% seat sale for ALL domestic and international flights with travel periods from March to May. I have to point out though that this is a LIE. Check this out:


Yes there is a discount, that part isn’t a lie, BUT not ALL are discounted. As you can see, there is an indication if there is a discount. That means that the other promo fare which is not indicated has not been included in the seat sale even though it fits their indicated travel period. I’ve also checked these prices prior to the sale and I’m 100% sure that that undiscounted promo fare is the still the same prior to the sale. So no, that’s not on sale.

Possible Argument #1: It’s already a promo fare.
My defense: So is the other price at the bottom. Huge difference -> the bottom got discounted. So why not the other one?

Possible Argument #2: Seats on sale are sold out.
My defense: Why doesn’t it indicate as “sold out” then?

I’m not entirely sure of how their promo thingies work so I might be mistaken. However, I did send them a message through twitter (the only option I could think of) to clarify things. Lo and behold, no reply. Of course. Maybe I’ll get a reply after the sale’s over, assuming they’ll ever reply. -__-

If anyone could shed some light on this, please do explain. I want to understand how this whole seat sale thing works. Right now, I feel like we’re being lied to.
ALL is ALL and not SOME. 


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