And Now I’m on WordPress


The longest blog I’ve ever kept up has to be on Blogger, about 5 months (May to October of 2012).
It was suppose to be a photoblog of sorts. It kinda is I suppose.. It’s currently on hiatus because I’m finding it hard to navigate around the site. I wanted to interact with others, read and comment on their posts with the hope of anyone hitting on my posts too (that sounded wrong hehe).
I wanted to communicate. Problem is, I couldn’t, and still can’t, figure out how the reader works. I wanted interaction even if it wasn’t on my posts. Now how was I going to do that without figuring out the reader? *sigh* I know I can just ask google how to work it but I believe that if there’s a need to consult google then it (the thing I’m asking google) is not convenient, it’s a hassle and I’m a lazy bum.

The reader’s probably my only problem with Blogger. Everything else is fine. I actually found it easy to “decorate”. The whole interaction thing just kills it for me. I’ll try figuring it out some other time though, when I’m not being a lazy bum.


Interaction-wise I honestly think that Tumblr sucks.
It promotes reblogging and liking but not commenting. I know there is an option to add those comment stuff through disqus but you can’t really comment through the dashboard. If there is a way, I’ll have to go ask google again. Lazy bum me actually did but I was directed to disqus. This gave me the impression that Tumblr doesn’t want interaction unless “liking” and “reblogging” is their definition of interaction which to me isn’t. I did put in effort by actually saying something about things that I reblogged. Unfortunately people don’t really “reply” to that. Not sure how those stuff work anyway.

My tumblr’s still there but I’m only keeping one active as my book quotes library thingy. It’s up mostly for my own reference to stuff I’ve read and the lines I find interesting.


This account isn’t my first wordpress account. I actually made one simultaneously with my tumblr but I got busy with school and wasn’t able to use it as much. I planned on going active with it during the holidays BUT a thought came to me: make a new one on Christmas day.
Why? Simple really, I won’t ever forget when I started. So that means that every Christmas I will be celebrating the birth of Jesus AND this blog’s anniversary! Assuming of course that I’d be able to keep this up for a year. Hopefully. 😀

So now, I’m on WordPress. For a long time. I hope.
It’s so much easier to interact around here.


I remember having other blogs before. Way way before. Didn’t last long though. I couldn’t get my thoughts straightened out to make a decent post. I remember being on live journal and quizilla (not sure if that’s counted as a blog).
There was that site thing hosted by google back then which isn’t around anymore. I can’t remember what it was named but it was cool. It felt like having your own website for free. Back then that was a really big thing, about 8 or 9 years ago. Now I wish I can still open that site though I think it’s not possible anymore. It would be nice to see what on earth I made back then hahaha. I’m pretty sure they were mostly about my progress on Diablo 2 and how idiotic my non-existent game plan was.

School starts again tomorrow.. best get some sleep. See ya.


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