Random Reads: Boxed Sets. Are. My. Weakness.

When I say random read, I really mean random as in “made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision” (as defined by google). Or at least it started out that way.

Nearing the holidays, National Bookstore (our local bookstore), started displaying a lot of boxed sets conspicuously placed near their entrances. For someone who loves randomly picking up a book to read, that sight was a feast to my eyes. I wanted to get them all!

I didn’t have any idea what they were about but dang, a set of books bundled together for your convenience (or maybe mostly theirs) with a promise of being “cheaper”, how can I pass that up?! If I started on one, I wouldn’t have to go looking for the rest of the author’s work because it’s already there and I am honestly just trying to defend my randomness because, yes, I got one.

I got one and I’m trying to make up excuses and explanations for getting that certain set among the many others. Buying and then reasoning instead of reason then buy.

I got one because somehow my mom agreed to my impulsiveness. I know, shame on me for being such a beggar. But what can I do? I’m still just a student who’s broke for the holidays! Lame excuse but meh..

The boxed set I got just recently was the one with books by John Green (not my 1st boxed set). I’ll probably write about the set in a separate post or this might get lengthy, and it’s about dinner time and I’m hungry :p.



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