A Night of 3 Moons

I get weird dreams when I lack sleep. I lack sleep when it’s an exam week. Guess what? It’s an exam week. (I also am more active online during an exam week hahaha.. Procrastination at it’s finest.)

So yes, I’ve been having weird dreams. The latest one, just this noon, is one I felt l should write down. Here goes:


I was in a truck that felt like one from the army. Something like this:


Photo taken from Google

I was looking up at the star-filled night sky. I must’ve been lying down because I could see my feet up a bit dangling out the truck. People around me were in a panic. Some were running trying to hide and get away from something. I then noticed the army/police/their kind of people rushing through the streets patrolling and checking everyone out except me. I felt invisible.

The place had the “end-of-the-world” feel because of all the commotion. The army/police/yeah them were chasing the terrorists all over the place and I actually saw a map like thing like ones you see in RPGs showing the places the’ve been and are going to.

As they breezed past me, I heard someone say that the army/police/whatever they are were chasing after a group of terrorists and that the people are scared. I didn’t care and continued to stare at the sky when the truck I was on started moving.

As we moved, I saw a glimpse of the new moon and I excitedly pointed out that there were two to no one in particular. One looked like a reflection and a bit hazier than the other but I was sure they were both up in the sky. No one seemed to care but I kept staring trying to make sense of it. Maybe it was another planet? But it was too identical to be something else.

Then I saw it.

When the truck has traveled enough distance that a mountain was no longer in my view, I saw the 3rd moon. Larger, brighter, yellow-ish. A full moon. I just stared at it in awe.

–And that was the end of that scene!–


The scene suddenly changed and it was no longer night. it was day and I was in a white van with my brothers. We were on some sort of road trip or something and I was riding at the mid seats. No idea who was riding shotgun or who was driving.

We were on a really nice road with lots of pine trees everywhere. The road had a lot of turns and was a lot like Mangima (a long winding road to my home town).
We were ascending and reached a part where the van couldn’t continue up unless we all got off so I woke everyone else up and told them to disembark. They did so unwillingly.

I checked the place out and I could notice some guys fixing their ride just near by. They were kind off staring at us and I feared that they could be with those terrorists from last night so I rode shotgun the moment the van got on leveled ground and screamed to my brothers to get in the van as quickly as they could. They didn’t seem to feel any danger though.

We passed the guys whom I accused as terrorists and all they did was stare. I wasn’t comfortable at all with the whole situation and wished we were out of the area as soon as possible. Up the road, there were cars stalled because of a checkpoint. I was a bit relieved to see other people. I felt safer.

Past the checkpoint, we passed a small shed on the right side of the road where there was a rattle snake on the roof poised to strike. I was awed at what I saw and took a second look and weirdly, I saw one of my brothers standing outside the shed with his hand up reaching for something on the roof.

He’s not that tall so only the tips of his fingers were feeling for something,whatever it was, on the roof. Apparently, the rattle snake was poised to strike his fingers. Oddly, the snake looked like the pokemon Ekans.. >_>

And then, reality came. I woke up.


Probably not that well written but I’ll try to do better when I get more random dreams.
I guess it’s back to hitting/punching/staring at books for me.



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