Buried Treasures: Backhoe Operator

My dad told me this story of a guy who operated big machinery for a living. An acquaintance he says.

This guy was operating at a certain location and one night, a group came to him and had him work overtime  to search for buried treasure. When I say made, I mean forced too. He was tasked, outside of his real job, to dig through the mountains using the backhoe. He couldn’t say no. He was guarded by armed men every night to make sure he did his job. He of course wanted out.

These men had caught wind of a supposed treasure buried in the construction site. They believed that the construction was made as a front for what was actually a treasure hunting ground. It wasn’t. It was just an ordinary construction site and nothing more but these greedy men wanted to check things out anyway.
It was, and probably still is, a common cover story in the rural areas; constructing something when in fact was really searching for buried treasure. If the search seems futile, leave the site and claim budget problems or whatever to cover up the unfinished “construction”.

He secretly sought help from his friends and they told him that when he does find the treasure, they were surely going to kill him. That was how it usually went. No witnesses, no sharing. If he ran, they might kill him.

They advised him that if ever he’d find anything or if he feels like he found something, even if it may seem like junk, to make sure to pretend he didn’t and cover it with some soil. Finding something, anything, was almost equivalent to his death.

After a week of digging, he “luckily” didn’t find anything at all and the armed men gave up and decided to try a different location. Fortunately, he never saw them again.


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