Buried Treasures: Sound of Shovel Hitting Metal

Another story my dad told me was that of a teacher and 2 of his students. They went digging for treasure as the Barangay Captain kept watch. What’s interesting is how inner beasts come out at the thought of finding instant fortune.

The 2 students dug excitedly with the thought of finding something hidden underground for the first time in their life. Their teacher had found the location through a detector and have asked for their help since he wasn’t as able as he used to be. Keeping watch nearby was the barangay captain who made sure they weren’t doing anything sketchy or damaging to the area.

After digging up to waist level, one of the students said “Naa na sir! Naa na sir! Murag duol na gyud!” (Trans: “I feel it sir! I think it’s here! We must be close!”). A while later they heard a *clank*. It was a distinct sound of shovel hitting metal. Treasure?

The students got excited and the teacher approached to take a closer look. One of the students exclaimed “Sir! Naa na gyud! Naa na!” (Trans: “It’s here sir! We found it!”). As they were rejoicing, the barangay captain happened to pass by to check on them and upon hearing their joy of finding “something” he took the gun from his holster, pointed it at them and menacingly screamed “Asa?!” (Trans: “Where?!”). They were stunned to see him act like a deranged mad man!

Scared out of their wits, they obediently unearthed the metal they hit and unfortunately (more like fortunately for them) it was nothing more but old pots and pans probably buried years ago from a landslide or the site could have been a former dumping ground for trash.
The barangay captain holstered his gun and left them.

The students left the next day never to come back. Probably their first and last treasure hunting experience. The teacher? Dad isn’t sure what happened to him.


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