Buried Treasures: Yamashita Treasure

The most known and the richest of the the buried treasure stories that I know of had to be that of Yamashita. Until now people still search of it. Rumors of its location and maps of different kinds have been heard many times over.
One rumor says that the location has been confirmed only no one has ever retrieved the treasure because of the traps set up. Others say that it has been reached but is empty because the Japanese had come back for it years prior, or someone had already gotten to it. Others also claim that it is yet to be truly found. Cynics doubt its existence.

Of course you can read a lot about Yamashita’s treasure around the net, all the conspiracies and secrecy surrounding it. Which to believe is up to you I guess.
The most interesting for me had to be of Rogelio Roxas who was “tortured and died in suspicious circumstances” after finding thousands of gold bars and a golden buddha in Baguio.

I personally have heard of a map to the treasure years ago. A friend once told me privately “I have a map to Yamashita’s treasure”. I wanted to believe him and go with him into this grand journey like in the movies. But I didn’t. I never got to see the map and he never mentioned it again. Whether he attempted to look for it, I’ll never know. I haven’t seen him in years. Did he find it? I doubt. Does it really even exist? I wonder. One question does linger that I wish I had asked him then. Why me? The cynical nerd. Great choice.

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Interesting comments from treasure hunters in the Philippines: Yamashita Treasure


4 thoughts on “Buried Treasures: Yamashita Treasure

  1. Anonymous says:

    i locate the yamashita treasure and operate it in 4 years but still i cannot finish it due to financial problem . the nature of the bunker underground is 40 ft in thickness so i really need a little help from you to finish it i am about 80 to 90 % completion hope to hear from you soon my best regards


    • diamondblue81 says:

      is it true that treasure still exist, i thought it just a dream or imagination , nobody found anything yet.


    • I believe it’s real but the details about it are messed up already. I doubt it’s still here in the Phils though. Check out the link on the post.

      You say “nobody found anything yet” but think about it; if you won the 500 million lottery, would you want your face or name mentioned all over the news? Read the other buried treasure stories I posted and maybe you’ll know why nobody finds anything. 😉

      link: https://whateverreg.wordpress.com/buried-treasure/


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