Buried Treasures: Church Entrance

My dad once knew of this old lady who passed away a few years ago. She once told a story of buried treasure from her childhood. What’s interesting is this buried treasure is real.
I would’ve asked her personally about this story if she had been still alive now.

During the 2nd word war, when she was just a kid her dad hid her somewhere in their house for safety. While hiding  they saw 2 Japanese men heading towards their house. They braced themselves for a possible attack but it didn’t come. The Japanese were bringing with them boxes of who knows what and were surveying the area. After some time, they started digging and buried the box they brought with them and left never to return again.

The old lady clearly remembers the landmarks as a certain tree (I forgot what kind) bent in a certain distinct way. She described the place as how she remembered it and sure enough, people had found the location she described exactly as how she described it.
Unfortunately, a church has been erected there.The treasure was right beneath the entrance of the church. How do they know? Other than the old lady’s testimony, metal detectors had confirmed that something is buried there.

Treasure hunters have searched for this treasure prior to the old lady’s testament. They’ve heard stories of it but could never really pin point an exact location. Mountains and springs were carved looking for it, far from the real location mind you. They of course gave a different reason when asked what they were doing. A new building is going to be erected, clearing the land for new crops, and whatever reason they could think of so people won’t bother them if they ever found something. If people knew they were looking for treasure, chaos was sure to ensue. Greed would make sure blood would be spilled.

When the old lady’s testament was spread among treasure hunters, they proceeded to have the treasure excavated. The priest had no problem with the operation. He wanted the treasure taken and gone for good because he knew it was going to be bothersome. He didn’t believe it was anything valuable and even if it was, he didn’t care for it.

The operation was tricky because they had to destroy the church’s entrance to get to the treasure. Entrance means public and public spells trouble. The priest could only give one week for the treasure hunters to dig because they had to give an excuse of “fixing/renovating” the church’s entrance. Any longer and the public would start to question.

They never got to dig at all though. The treasure hunters never got to agree on anything. Armed men got wind of the location and would now and then check on the area. If anyone did get to the treasure, death was imminent  People who knew about it were bound to kill whoever got to it first and would take the treasure for their own and the cycle would go on and on. They’re probably still out there watching and waiting for one gutsy enough to make the 1st move. The townsfolk probably already knows about it but would rather shut their mouths to keep the peace. Ignorance is bliss they say.

As I know, the treasure still sits there untouched. My dad knows but wouldn’t tell me where it is exactly. I want to go see it at least to confirm the landmarks and stuff, but he said to not attempt searching for it unless I’m ready to get myself killed.


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