The Name of This Book is Secret – What you should NOT do before reading it.


I finally finished reading “The Name of this Book is Secret” by Pseudonymous Bosch! Took me some time. I actually didn’t think I’d ever finish it.

Yes, this is a story about a secret. But it’s also a secret story.

*Gasp* I wasn’t suppose to divulge that fact! Borrowing the words of the author: “When you’re reading this, it’s a good idea to forget everything you read as soon as you read it!” Or should you?

Generally speaking, books don’t cause much harm. Except when you read them, that is. Then they cause all kinds of problems.

Before you read this book I highly suggest you not, as in not ever, do what I did. And that was to read “The Name of This Book is Secret” right AFTER reading a book about war, espionage, genetic engineering, lies, and nano machines. For the curious, that book was Metal Gear: Guns of the Patriots by Project Itoh which was an awesome read for fans of the video game. But I’ll leave that for another post maybe.

So where was I now? Right. Don’t ever read something serious before reading a kid’s book.
In all honesty, the Secret Series is a kid’s book. With that in mind, reading it after reading a “mature” book makes you loose interest quick. At least for me that is. For the record, it’s not a kid’s book that’s only meant for kids. People of more than 2 decades old might enjoy it too.

Here was my circumstance: I started reading “The Name of This Book is Secret” without the slightest clue on what it’s about (it is secret after all). I had no idea what age group it was targeting or what style it was written on. Totally clueless. Then again I have a thing for books that I’m totally clueless about.
All I know is that it has a captivating title (who doesn’t get curious about a secret eh?) and it has the words “Read this book- if you dare!” right on its cover. Secret and dare. Very very enticing combination don’t you think?

But as soon as you hear about the secret, it starts to nag at you… Suddenly, you’re dying to know what the secret is.

The copy I have was given to me by a friend for anti-valentines just this year. I’ve been putting off reading it due to school and stuff so when school was out I started reading it the few minutes after reading Metal Gear: Guns of the Patriots. My mind was still on the intensity of war and genetic engineering from the previous book that I found how “The Name of this Book is Secret” was written rather corny.

The way the author wrote annoyed me for a while. I can’t really describe exactly how anymore but it was something similar to how someone would say they have something to tell you but right when you give them your full attention they decide not to. The difference with talking to someone and reading a book is that holding the book in your hands, you know he/she’s going to continue anyway. I got so irritated that I put the book at the edge of my bed and ignored it for a while.

I did give the book a chance. I actually got up to chapter 7 before I acknowledged I wasn’t really into it at all.

I am glad I ignored the book for a while though. My stubbornness got me to continue reading it and the second time I picked it up, I finished it. The story was actually quite fun but rather predictable if you’ve read a good number. As the story progressed, the author’s “butting in” on the story got less which was a relief for me. He did start again as the story came close to the last few pages though.

I would have probably enjoyed the 1st few chapters more if I read it first before reading Metal Gear but I’m not sure how I’d feel about the author’s writing style. Many say it’s kind of similar to how Lemony Snicket writes but I haven’t really read Lemony Snicket’s work yet so I can’t really compare.

“The Name of This Book is Secret” is the first book of the Secret Series and I guess with how things happened, it would come to this question: would I read the next of the series? I’m still not a fan of the way the author writes. The whole “butting in” and “cutting off” mid story still does irritate me sometimes. But when you’re left with these words:

Wherever they were heading, it was too close. Whenever they will return, it will be too soon.

Then that would be a yes. Yes, I would read the next book but this time I’d read it BEFORE reading something more “mature”.


5 thoughts on “The Name of This Book is Secret – What you should NOT do before reading it.

  1. I have not read the series yet and was hoping to see what you thought about it. haha. I did, however, read lemmony snicket. the thing about him is that he sounds just like Pseudonymous Bosch. He butts in from time to tim, discouraging you to read any more, or with random negative commentaries about what’s going to happen next. You might like it, try The Bad Beginning. It’s interesting enough actually, A lot of secrets, a lot of deaths and murders and what fascinated me was his writing style. I never encountered anything like it when I read it, so it was very alluring the first 8 books I think. then the writer became irritating and the book predictable. *sighs*


    • I have started on “The Bad Beginning” some months (maybe already a year) ago. Just a few pages. But it was ebook format and I was still adjusting to the idea back then so I haven’t read it through. The titles are interesting but the thought of him sounding like Pseudonymous Bosch is king of discouraging… But I’ll give him a chance. Maybe just a bit at the bottom of my list though.


    • hahaha. Thats alright. 🙂 it started out really well though. Haha. Well, the way you described the author thats what lemmony snicket is like, only less annoying and more depressing. hahhaa.


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