Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – READ IT!

NO SPOILERS.. I think.

This is another book I got for anti-valentines and I just have to say that his is one heavy book. Literally heavy. I wonder what material it’s made of. It’s heavier than books more than double its chapters!

Surprisingly, for a 300+ page book it’s only got 11 chapters. That’s something I haven’t encountered in a book of this genre in a while which usually go for 20 0r 30+ chapters. Then again, the number of chapters don’t matter much other than it makes it sound short. Or am I wrong?

Miss Peregrine’s is an awesome read. It’s predictable but then again I think I’ve said that far too often lately and that wouldn’t matter much either, right? What’s interesting about it is that when you skim through the book you’d see lots of photos.

An unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience.


Some photos found in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

The photos can throw you off especially when you’ve skim through it without reading the summary. Yeah.. go guess who did just that.

You can make guesses on what the story is about based on the photos but they won’t really make sense. They hold more meaning once you get into the story and follow through. What’s cool is that these photos makes you feel like everything is real. They give a sense of realism to the story that gets you engrossed and attached to the characters.

All the pictures in this book are authentic, vintage found photographs, and with the exception of a few that have undergone minimal post-processing, they are unaltered.

Miss Peregrine’s is a fictional story but the author claims the photos are authentic. I guess the photos themselves aren’t altered but things can be set up before the shot is taken to make them look as such.
But does that matter? Probably only when you start confusing real from not real. So shall we play the real not real game? Just kidding. (Mocking Jay from the Hunger Games series reference for those who aren’t familiar.)

Jacob Portman, the protagonist of the story, will give you some insight on how he thinks they’ve been “photoshoped”. Photoshop probably haven’t existed when those photos were developed but you get what I mean.

I’ll repeat again, the photos hold more meaning once you get into the story so go read it! READ IT! If you don’t have a copy yet, then get one! It’s worth the read and the end will leave you wanting to get the sequel ASAP. Really.

The way it ended left me craving for the sequel and would hopefully give you the same impact it did me. With all the questions left unanswered you’d want the sequel sitting on your lap the instant you reach the last few pages of the book. Unfortunately the sequel isn’t out yet but rest assured it’s going to be released. Soon.
Rumors say sometime January 2014 but Ransom Riggs says:

 It’ll be coming out in 2013 though exactly when in 2013 I’m not sure yet.

Here’s something that got me excited too. I just hope my expectation won’t be as high when it does materialize:

The Miss Peregrine movie went from being a twinkle in Fox’s eye to being a project with Tim Burton attached as director and Jane Goldman, who wrote X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass and The Woman in Black, adapting the screenplay.

Tim Burton you say? Hmmm.. Yumm.
No trailer or release date yet as of writing.

Check this site for more details and updates:  http://www.ransomriggs.com/
Here’s an update.

Here’s me showing some love for one of the characters: Emma Bloom (contains spoilers)


14 thoughts on “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – READ IT!

    • it’s already out, but i just couldn’t find it so I put it on hold. 🙂 aw ooh reg, you have to read Deathless by Cathrynne Valente! 🙂


    • Deathless? That reminds me of Neil Gaiman.
      I’ll check that out too. I have yet to read all those books you’ve told me hahaha.. and the list keeps getting longer and longer. XD


    • you still have roughly a month left. put deathless on the forefront of the list! i swear. it is my favorite book. 🙂 haha. but you kind of need to brush up a bit on russian mythology. but only lightly. haha


    • Russian mythology huh? I guess that would refreshing assuming it doesn’t overlap with Roman, Greek, or Egyptian mythology. I’ll see what pops into my head first when I wake up tomorrow. Or I could list it all down and… bunot bunot! Hahahahah


    • thats a good idea too. para it’s fair. haha! no. it won’t overlap. like russian folklore. haha! 🙂 sorry. not mythology. just about koschei the deathless. 🙂 kind of interesting and the book is really enrapturing. 🙂


    • Wait… roughly a month?! Great. Now I feel like our vacation’s been cut short even though a month’s still some long ways to go. XD


    • haha, I haven’t even begun to entertain the idea of classes. 😐 i dont know, but then I have a bad feeling about this school year. haha. last school year wasn’t that great so I think a new strategy would do nicely. haha. Time flies when you’re having fun. it’s just slower here cause 80% of the time, we dont have electricity. haha


    • You had to mention it. I was avoiding that word. XD
      I guess this just means we’ll have to do double efforts since it would be back to zero.

      I am now torn on reading a bit in advance or using what time I have left to read all the novels I have pending.


    • why not both? Hahaha! You cant run from reealiityyy. Hahaha. I tried reading ahead but then idk where to start. Especially since were doing only a few chapters in surgery


    • Yeah, there’s still the half and half option but I’m also considering the all or nothing option hoping I’d finish all the books at least 2 weeks before class starts.. How that’s happening I have no clue hahahaha…

      I have no plans on reading surgery at all. I’m thinking Patho or Pcol (Pharma). I still have to reDL Patho though. The chm I have seems to not be working or it could be just the comp. I have yet to open it on my lappy.


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