Sometime I wish I delved with drug dealing a bit more before going into med school.

I became a drug dealer because my grandmother is one.

When I was still a clueless little kid, I saw my grandma counting wads of bills in her office and I declared that someday I’m going to be just like her. Rich!

And so, as a less clueless teenager,  I became a  drug dealer at 19.

So…… >__>

You judgmental little critters must be jumping on your seats ready to give me a good lecture about this whole drug dealing business huh? Well, before you jump to conclusions, but I’m guessing you already have, let me remind you that we don’t have the same dictionaries. Don’t worry, I’ll let you take a peep in mine to clear things up.

Drug dealer = someone who deals with drugs.
Wow. I must have the most original definition ever!

Anyway, enough of that.
I am a licensed drug dealer. I deal with drugs. In the olden days you’d call us Apothecaries. These days we’re more known as Pharmacists. Licensed drug lords? :3


I jumped to conclusions D:

So there. Still think I’m the other kind of drug dealer? Just remember that I’m licensed while they’re not. I’m legal dudes! I’d show you my license but like most my IDs, I look like a wanted criminal making you want to play detective and start interrogating me.

I never really got to practice my drug dealing skills with the exception of internships that are required before one can graduate. I don’t regret getting into med school but there are moments when I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I stayed in this profession for a bit longer before proceeding into medicine. I’d hear my classmates mention their professions and experiences before entering med school, sometimes making me feel a bit inadequate. Them and their bunch of salaries and cities and countries and what not.

What if I took up that teaching job?
What if I took up that masters degree?
What if I finished that optional 5th year course?
What if.. what if?

What if indeed. One thing I’m sure of is that I won’t be the same person I am today. And I am glad and blessed to be who I am today.

That teaching job? Let all students be glad and rejoice that I did not add another name to the sadistic immature professors list.
That masters degree? M.D. and Dr. sounds more awesome.
That optional 5th year course? My med school journey wouldn’t have started if I finished it.

Here’s another what if: What if I became a doctor? Hmm.. check back with me in 5 years or so. I’ll tell you then.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
[Jeremiah 29:11]


For the record, I’ve never dealt with illegal drugs. I’m a squeaky clean student! Quite an ordinary being in fact. You can attach surveillance cameras around my house and you’d die of boredom watching me.

Isn’t that how they usually describe the psychopath with 2 dozen bodies buried in his basement? He was so quiet and ordinary.
-Dr. Nicholas Robinson [Keeping the Dead – Tess Gerritsen]


Just an ordinary student.


3 thoughts on “Sometime I wish I delved with drug dealing a bit more before going into med school.

  1. omg reg. I was going through my err, feed, when I saw this, and the title was so intriguing I decided to check it out without realizing you wrote it. aaaannndd I laughed cause I realized, PHARMACIST = DRUG DEALER, not an actual illegal, shady kind of drug dealer. haha! Good one!


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