Crawling around my house trying to shoot Bravo.

I’m not really much of a marksman. My aim isn’t as steady as I want it but it’s good enough I suppose. Aiming at a rather awkward position doesn’t help either.

There I was lying on my belly on the tiled floor of our living room. It seemed like the target haven’t noticed what it was that I was up to. He has sensed my presence but still oblivious to my purpose.

And then, I raised my weapon.

He had quick reflexes. He gained considerable distance from me before I could even take proper aim. Just like that I had almost lost him. Target: Bravo. 


Bravo observing me/the camera from a distance of about a meter.

Bravo is the most timid of our dogs. The simple act of suddenly standing makes him jump and panic. Looks like I’ll have to add cameras to the list of things that make him jump. Topping the list would be my dad.

I don’t expect any of our dogs to be camera friendly since I’m not always around taking their pictures but Bravo surprised me. It was the first and only time he ever growled at me. In fact, he’s the only one who ever did. Well, he was actually growling at the camera not at me but I’ll count that as him growling at me. He only ever gets this aggressive when he’s on watch dog mode.

I’m not one to give up without a fight. The plan I so brilliantly conjured was to slowly hop like a frog towards him with my free hand reaching for him as a sign of peace. This really didn’t go well though because we ended up doing the chacha minus the music. I hop forward, he steps back. I step back, he moves a bit forward when I call him. He constantly kept the 1 meter distance. Unfortunately for me, I was armed with a prime lens and thus could’t zoom in.

Exasperated, I put the camera down behind me, stretched out both my arms and called to him. Lo and behold, he leapt into my arms without hesitation. Okay, that was rather exaggerated. He didn’t really leap but he didn’t hesitate closing the gap between us and placed his head on my hands. (I was still posing like a frog).

After petting him for a while, I quickly took the camera and aimed knowing that he might growl but never bite me. Surprisingly, Bravo didn’t do anything. He just stared at me begging for another round of petting while I took pictures of him.

You know, I think I was just trolled by a dog.

Woof woof

Bravo finally takes a pose


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