Mitch Albom’s Time Keeper


Man alone measures time. Man alone chimes the hour. And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures. A fear of time running out.

Time Keeper is a fictitious book by Mitch Albom. Since it’s by him, it’s bound to have a spiritual feel to it and it does only it doesn’t hold me as much as his non-fiction books do. Then again, a descently written true story still holds me more than a book of fiction does no matter how good fiction is written.

The book is written in a unique way where a sentence, or part of it is highlighted in bold and the rest of the paragraph or sentence is not. I’m not quite sure what the reason is for doing so and what was  Mitch Albom’s criteria for choosing which to highlight. For dramatic effect maybe? If that’s the case, it didn’t have that effect on me. It only got me confused somewhat. If it worked for you, please do enlighten me.

The story is chopped into 3 different and separate point of views. One from Dor, the man destined to become Father Time; another from Sarah Lemon, an insecure love-struck teen who wants to shorten her time; and lastly, from Victor Delamonte, a dying rich man who  is accustomed to having things go the way he wants and wants his time extended. Their stories are told separately until a certain event brings them all together.

You will get a lot of realizations and lessons from this book, things to ponder about. This is after all Mitch Albom’s work. The thing that it sorely lacks though is character development. It would have probably had more hold on me if the book gave more details on the characters to make us sympathize with them. Make us understand them more. It’s cliche and predictable. Very predictable. You can already tell what was going to happen to Sarah and Victor in the few pages that they were introduced. Dor is the exception. He was the one character who you simply can’t predict because he too is lost on why this is happening until much later in the book.

The beauty of the characters is that someone is bound to be able to relate to Victor and Sarah. How many do you know are rich workaholics  who are counting their days ’till their disease takes them away yet still hopes to find a way to extend their life? How many do you know were bullied and thought of or have ended their life? Or could that have somehow described you?

I wonder what kind of impact this book would give to those who fit that description.

The thing with this book is that it’s about time. You read the book but don’t get to know the characters that well to be attached to them. We, the readers, don’t get to spend enough time with the characters to know them. Odd isn’t it? I wonder if Mitch Albom intentionally did this to make a point or I could be over analyzing things. Hmmm…

Time Keeper is a good and easy quick read. It’s not a must read though. I’d sooner recommend Mitch Albom’s other work, especially “Have a Little Faith”.

There is a reason God limits our days. To make each one precious.


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