#FMSPhotoADay: December Issue – Week 1

Week 1 of my photo-a-day challenge wrap up! I’ve decided to make it a weekly thing since it’s going to get really long if I put a whole month’s worth into one post.

Why not join in on the fun?

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Day 9: This is the weather today
– Hot. Scorching, ice cream melting, sweat dripping, dehydratingly hot. Like summer only it’s not summer.

♫ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. ♫ Please?

♫ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. ♫ Please?

My initial thoughts on this prompt: “there’s going to be a plethora of various sky and outdoor shots”. Such is my nature to think of something different (don’t we all? >.>) so I brainstormed on what I could possibly do and I ended up with this doll.

Hot like summer on a December?!

Hot like summer on a December?!

After taking some shots, I left it on top of our gate with a message asking passersby “Init brad?” which roughly translates to “Feeling hot bro?” People’s reaction to it were quite entertaining. The following day, we had an hour of power outage and a little kid asked where the doll was and that the message this time should say “Brown out pre!” (“No electricity man!”).

Day 10: R is for…
– Relo, Rosetta

I’ve been meaning to get myself a new watch/relo and it just so happened that my mom sent me the money for it on this day. What’s more of a coincidence is that the automatic Swatch watch I got is  a Rosetta Nera! Fufufu… Day 10: R is for… Reg! 😀

My 1st automatic and my 1st Swatch!

My 1st automatic and my 1st Swatch!

Here’s some randomly useless facts: Rosetta, the watch’s model, means Rose (R is for rose!). Clearly. But I did some research (R is for research!) and in German it can also translate to “horse” (R is for rse!.. ok that was bad). Coincidentally, I was born on the year of the horse! It can also translate to “noted protector” and prior to knowing this, I intended to have something engraved on the watch if possible. Yeah, I’m sentimental like that.

Day 11: Green
– John Green

These words could be found on John Green’s Looking for Alaska, my favorite John Green out of the four I’ve read so far. Who’s with me on the “this was better than Fault in Our Stars” bandwagon?

It sounds kinda ominous...

It sounds kinda ominous…

Imagine those last 2 words bleeding… now what do you think the story would be about?

Day 12:  Joy is…
– a dish washing liquid

When you’re in med school, your brain’s power get sucked out by the middle of the week that you start thinking of totally senseless things. Maybe I should plan things out in advance next time? But hey, if my powers of stupidity turns someone’s frown upside down then at least I get at least 1 good thing out of it.

Oh... joy.

Oh… joy.

But when you actually think about it… it still fits the prompt. >.>


Day 13: Composition
– “Music is the composition of the inner workings of the soul.” -RegRR

The prompt was actually suppose to be composition in photography’s definition but, you know, since when did I really follow the prompts for its original intentions? :3

Obviously can't really read notes.

Writing the letters because I can’t really read notes.

This was a music sheet of a piano piece composed by Nobuo Uematsu and transcribed by Althea Chia which I printed some years ago but still haven’t mastered. The print says “Tidus and Yuna’s Theme from FFX” but it’s actually from a theme song from a Korean film which I vaguely remember was entitled “Sky Theme”. A fan-made music video (which I can’t find anymore) for Tidus and Yuna of Final Fantasy X uploaded on youtube with this piece as accompaniment went sort of viral and thus it became popularly known as “Tidus and Yuna’s theme” instead.

Day 14: Drink
– Special order: crab extract!

Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!

I’m stumped so I went looking for an old shot to post instead. Didn’t find the exact one I wanted but this was good enough too I guess. *sigh*

Day 15: Lights
– Tiny star, big star, macroed star… I shall name it Macro! Because I’m so original like that.

Bravo to me! I actually followed the prompt for it was meant to be! I’m so feeling the Christmas vibes right now that I couldn’t think of a photo that’s something from my usual line of thought.

Twinkle twinkley star

Twinkle twinkley star

I’ve been dying to see what I can do with the Christmas lights. The results actually made me want to make my own Christmas cards. It’s a good excuse to see how my photos would look like on print.

And that’s it for my 1st week of participating on #FMSPhotoADay prompts by Fat Mum Slim!

How do you think I did? Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated! How about you? Did you participate on any photo-a-day thingies? Why not me tell all about it? 😀

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