“Me Time” – My Instagram Died… and Stuff

It’s been so long since I’ve writing anything on here! *sigh*

It’s become pretty hectic on school work, being in the last leg of the school year and all, that I haven’t really found some “me time”. I badly need some me time so what little I have, which is now, I’ll use it to make a little post to remind myself that my wordpress isn’t dead and that I can still make a quick get away from my studies even if just for a few moments. So here’s some completely random stuff.


I’ve actually been more active on my tumblr lately, compared to my other online accounts that is. I found tumblr quite useful for quick posts. It seems I’ve reserved my wordpress for longer and less senseless posts haha. But I have 3 separate tumblr blogs. One for reblogs and random senseless posts, another for my original photos, and a third for quotes from books I’ve read; and it’s not easy keeping all those 3 alive but I somehow manage. It’s a welcomed distraction sometimes too.


What I love about Flickr, and the reason I still go on it despite the fact that I don’t really have any offline friends on their, is the quality of the photos aren’t reduced. It’s a website where I’ve learned a lot from reading critiques and having my shots critiqued on groups.


My instagram died. I mean not really. If it was a patient, it would be in ICU.
Not having an instagram-capable phone makes it difficult to keep up. I was posting through blue stacks on my cousin’s desktop and it is really quite a hassle. I could bear with it for a while but the decreased quality wasn’t keeping my interest up. One reason I caved and got into instagram was the fact that I’ve been rather behind on what everyone else is talking about (which is actually quite normal haha), and the whole photo-a-day thing piqued my interest. Instagram seems like a great place to delve into mobile photography which has gotten me curious for quite some time now but maybe I’ll get into it more when I get  an instagram-capable phone soon. Maybe. For now, it would be in ICU.

Book Crossing

I’ve been meaning to release lots of books but I haven’t labeled that many yet. So far I’ve released 2. Just 2. But hey, it’s a start. When I get the chance, I’ll definitely get some more books out there. I just need to get them labeled properly. The question would be, when? *sigh*


The thing I miss most lately, is my “me time reading time”. Of course I do a lot of reading, but what I really want is to go read something else other than medical books. Unfortunately of all my “me time moments” reading would take up the most time not because I read slow but because it would be my vacation into a world away from everything else. Right now, I’m stuck with “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”. It’s currently right beside my pillow waiting for my attention to divert to it.

I guess it’s back to the med books for me. See you wordpress!


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