The Whole Introvert Thing – So Much Relate! (A me post)

Articles about introversion and extroversion had been circulating in my Facebook (FB) feed for quite some time now and I have been reading them for the laughs. I would check out the “lists” and assess myself and then laugh off whichever ones I could relate to, which is actually most of what are on the lists. Plus, it’s a great (or not so great) trip down memory lane too. This article by The Huffington Post though caught me most because of all the linked articles in my FB feed, this one has seemingly legit references. No I didn’t really check those references out because I could really care less. After all, I’m really just in this for the laughs and the memories.

I’m going to go over the list below with some reasons or back story on why I could relate to it.

1. You find small talk incredibly cumbersome.
I can’t say I agree with this one fully but there is truth to it for me. Then again, most small talk I ever encounter either ends up in awkward silence waiting for the other to say something else or it evolves into a deep conversation. (check #5)

2. You go to parties -– but not to meet people.
“would rather spend time with people they already know and feel comfortable around”
This. Definitely. I always find myself having second thoughts of going to a party if I’m not sure anyone I know (other than the host of course) would be going. I usually ask if there would be anyone I know who’d be going. Most of the time my friends would automatically drop names.

3. You often feel alone in a crowd.
Kind of I guess. Then again I always got myself to talk with. Alone but not lonely…

4. Networking makes you feel like a phony.
small-talk with the end goal of advancing your career”
Networking had never sat well with me. Ever. Small talk? (Check #1)

5. You’ve been called “too intense.”
penchant for philosophical conversations and a love of thought-provoking books and movies”
This. So so so much relate with this! Hahahaha…
I don’t think anyone’s actually called me “too intense” but I definitely have a thing for philosophical conversations and though-provoking books and movies. After reading novels, I usually go online (goodreads for example) to read about what others have to say about the book and maybe even talk about it. Plus, I can’t help but leave a review about those books! Then there’s the movies. I would sometimes watch movies alone and have a conversation with myself about it (yes I talk to myself, deal with it), but when I do watch with others, well… let’s just say it doesn’t end with a simple “nice movie” or “bad movie” comment. My friends already know how I react to their gushing over the hot dude or sexy chic. I bet if they’re reading this, they could already picture my face.

6. You’re easily distracted.
easily distracted and overwhelmed in environments with an excess of stimulation.”
I’m not sure about this one. I guess I’ll have to observe myself more. But hey, I’m not really aiming for a perfect mark with this list!

7. Downtime doesn’t feel unproductive to you.
need time alone to recharge their batteries
My extrovert mother keeps pestering me with this. She almost always reminds me to go and be a busy body and how I’m wasting my time with a matching “Ate you’re doing nothing” while pacing the house. I always tell her that I’m recharging but I doubt she’ll ever understand what I mean. *sigh*

8. Giving a talk in front of 500 people is less stressful than having to mingle with those people afterwards.
“might struggle more with meeting and greeting large groups of people”
True. I used to not be able to talk at all in front of crowd but over the years I’ve learned to. I would still prefer not to if I can avoid it. When you mingle with people, small talk is bound to pop up. (Check #1)
I actually remember being forced to make a speech in school just because I barely speak and apparently a lot (especially some of the canteen staff) were curious what I sounded like or if I actually had a voice. After that dreadful speech, I ran back to my seat to avoid any “mingling”. A speech I can prepare for, not the mingling part.

9.When you get on the subway, you sit at the end of the bench -– not in the middle. 
“tend to avoid being surrounded by people on all sides”
The only time I like sitting in the middle is in movie houses.

10. You start to shut down after you’ve been active for too long. 
will resort to zoning out”

11. You’re in a relationship with an extrovert. Nope

12. You’d rather be an expert at one thing than try to do everything. Nope

13. You actively avoid any shows that might involve audience participation.
Oh the horror!!! I automatically get pissed off at show hosts who get so hyperactive and demand, yes demand, that the audience participate. They always sour my mood! Especially those “hello” “hi” response thingies which apparently my mother enjoys a lot (with a matching tone of voice). Urgh.

14. You screen all your calls — even from friends. 
“call them back as soon as you’re mentally prepared”
They don’t know the mini heart attack they give me whenever that phone rings. It’s not like I don’t like talking, I just don’t know what to say most of the time. Phone calls scare me. Unless it’s from my mother… because it’s rather difficult to take her seriously sometimes.

15. You notice details that others don’t. No idea. How would I know?

16. You have a constantly running inner monologue. 
Yeeeeep. It’s what I call talking to myself.

17. You have low blood pressure. 
I always thought it’s because I’m into sports or because I’m anemic or something.

18. You’ve been called an “old soul” -– since your 20s. 
I don’t recall ever being called that but yeah, I guess I am. Not the whole “wise” thing though. It’s more on the fact that I prefer jazz and blues or classical music over rap, hip hop, and club music. The fact that I still care about the meaning of songs and the message they impart than how heavy the bass beats are dropping. The fact that I still like the thought of emails or actually hand written mails to FB, twitter, or some other form of social media. The fact that I like living in the peace and quiet of rural areas or don’t really mind the thought of being a hermit if that’s what it takes.

19. You don’t feel “high” from your surroundings
things like huge parties just aren’t your thing”
High from my surroundings? I don’t even understand what that really means. 

20. You look at the big picture.

21. You’ve been told to “come out of your shell.”
told to come out of their shells or participate more in class
I once associated myself with turtles because of the whole “come out of your shell” thing. You should see my report cards. The teachers probably got their vocabulary exercised with trying to find new ways to write down and describe my introvertedness. They’ve gone from shy to aloof to reserved to mentioning shells and to whatever else they can think of. They should thank me. They finally got their dictionaries used. :p Then again there were those who were too lazy and just wrote the same exact words over and over. Maybe I should go look at those report cards again just so I can amuse myself.

22. You’re a writer.
“better at communicating in writing than in person”
If you’re reading this, then you should’ve already figured that out by now. Leisure writing mind you but yes, I prefer to write than to say things in person because I want to collect my thoughts first and things don’t usually come out as what I meant for it to mean when I say it. I do wonder if I make sense with what I say out loud sometimes.

23. You alternate between phases of work and solitude, and periods of social activity.
“going through periods of heightened social activity, and then balancing it out with a period of inwardness and solitude.”
(Check #7)


Well, that’s me. How about you?

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