#VTRinPH Cebu – Reading Print is Still Alive in this Generation

Thanks to National Bookstore, 3 best-selling authors came to the Philippines for 2 days of awesomeness (1 day in Manila & 1 day in Cebu). Of the three authors, I only knew of and read the books by Ransom Riggs. However, it was still a treat to get to know Tahereh Mafi and Vaeronica Rossi.

The Crowd

Here’s one-third of the crowd eagerly awaiting for the authors to arrive.

What is amazing about this event is the turn out of the crowd. Although some did just came over to the event area drawn out of curiosity from the crowd’s deafening screams, the number who did wait and stuck around for the whole event were still quite a number!


It took some time for the screaming to die down that I could barely hear the interview.

But what does that mean really? Simple, despite the increase in technology and the constant woes of them ‘oldies’ of how it’s taking much away from the younger generation, this is proof that reading print is still very much alive. These authors write books of the Young Adult (YA) genre and it’s clear who their target audience is. I salute authors like them because they keep the spark and interest of reading alive in the younger generation. No they’re not Shakespeare but hey, learning to love books has to start somewhere right?

Selfie with the crowd!

Before you guys go, we’d like to take a selfie with you! -Ransom Riggs

These authors coming here and meeting and interacting with their fans makes them more real when they once only existed on book covers and in social media. You see them, hear them, and get to talk with them. How many times in your life can you actually get to do that with someone who wrote a book that have touched many? Especially when you’re living in a third world country? This does actually encourage people from picking up a book and start reading for some reason. It helps too that these authors are so cool and engaging!


With hundreds of people with more than one book in hand, their hands must have ached!

 These jet-lagged authors came here not expecting a rock-star treatment, which they got. I did expect some screaming but I was blown away by how deafening it actually was! A huge thank you to them for keeping up despite their exhaustion and also to National Bookstore for making this possible.

Why not check their books out and who knows, they could be back again next year. Also, check out National Bookstore’s Facebook page for updates on more book signing events in the Philippines!

Books by the authors: 1. Ransom Riggs – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (movie adaptation directed by Tim Burton coming on 2015!) – Hollow City 2. Tahereh Mafi – Shatter Me -Unravel Me – Ignite Me -Destroy Me -Fracture Me 3. Veronica Rossi – Under the Never Sky – Through the Ever Night – Into the Still Blue

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