Welcome to my blog!

I can’t decide what exactly I’m going to blog about and so it’s currently just about anything I can think of. I have thought of blogging about books, music, photography, video games, med school, anime, traveling, and just about everything I have interest in. Unfortunately, I can’t make up my mind so I thought I’d just do whatever for now. My posts will basically be about those stuff in no particular pattern. The pages thingy here on wordpress helps a ton on categorizing things which I think helps make things less of a clutter as my mind is.

Here’s a very short something about me:

You can call me Reg (read as Rej), a female in my 20’s who’s not really in the mature side just yet (or so they say). Currently a medical student and licensed drug dealer AKA Pharmacist, but Alchemist or Apothecary sounds cool too.

Thank you for dropping by! Leave a comment, follow, or like and I’ll make sure to check your blog out too. If you can leave a book suggestion that would be great! See you around!

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