My October 2014 Books

These are the books I’ve read for the month of October. I’m surprised I actually read this many when I’m suppose to be “controlling” myself hahaha.

1. Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock – Matthew Quick (
2. Trinity Blood: Rage Against the Moons – From the Empire – Sunao Yoshida ( Continue reading

#VTRinPH Cebu – Reading Print is Still Alive in this Generation

Thanks to National Bookstore, 3 best-selling authors came to the Philippines for 2 days of awesomeness (1 day in Manila & 1 day in Cebu). Of the three authors, I only knew of and read the books by Ransom Riggs. However, it was still a treat to get to know Tahereh Mafi and Vaeronica Rossi.

The Crowd

Here’s one-third of the crowd eagerly awaiting for the authors to arrive.

What is amazing about this event is the turn out of the crowd. Although some did just came over to the event area drawn out of curiosity from the crowd’s deafening screams, the number who did wait and stuck around for the whole event were still quite a number! Continue reading

The Whole Introvert Thing – So Much Relate! (A me post)

Articles about introversion and extroversion had been circulating in my Facebook (FB) feed for quite some time now and I have been reading them for the laughs. I would check out the “lists” and assess myself and then laugh off whichever ones I could relate to, which is actually most of what are on the lists. Plus, it’s a great (or not so great) trip down memory lane too. This article by The Huffington Post though caught me most because of all the linked articles in my FB feed, this one has seemingly legit references. No I didn’t really check those references out because I could really care less. After all, I’m really just in this for the laughs and the memories.

I’m going to go over the list below with some reasons or back story on why I could relate to it.

1. You find small talk incredibly cumbersome.
I can’t say I agree with this one fully but there is truth to it for me. Then again, most small talk I ever encounter either ends up in awkward silence waiting for the other to say something else or it evolves into a deep conversation. (check #5) Continue reading

Hey Ransom! See you tomorrow!




Hey Cebuanos and people in Cebu, Philippines! The event’s finally tomorrow! Who’s excited??!?!? Clearly not me. :p

Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs, and Veronica Rossi are all coming for a book signing event and are in fact already here in the Philippines today! People in Manila are probably already enjoying them already. Tomorrow they come to Cebu and I’ve been waiting for the day to arrive since it was announced!

I’m going to go practice what I’m going to say. That is if I can even get the courage to say something!

I had sore throat and lost my voice when Margaret Stohl was here and she was quite engaging. All I could do was nod or shake my head. Boo. I was speechless when I met Mitch Albom (because it’s Mitch Albom). I practiced what I was going to say/ask him before actually going up to meet him and I blanked. This time maybe I’ll fare better. Hopefully. Third time’s the charm right? right?!?! We’ll see tomorrow. Whew.


Clicky the pic for more info on the event:

Book Signing

My Yellow Brick Road

As I stood in the bookstore amid all those books I coveted, I started missing the world that had welcomed me with open arms. I wanted to pick one book up and immerse myself in it.

So much.

In that moment I heard Dorothy whisper to me “not yet” and I saw Detective Jane Rizzoli, Dr. Maura Isles, Detective Kate Beckett, and Lisbeth Salander all shaking their heads smiling at me their eyes telling me “not yet”.

I then understood.

I walked out of the bookstore with not a single book in hand but with the promise that in 20 days, they’re waiting for me. And in this 20 days I have to make sure I deserve to be back on that yellow brick road.

“Me Time” – My Instagram Died… and Stuff

It’s been so long since I’ve writing anything on here! *sigh*

It’s become pretty hectic on school work, being in the last leg of the school year and all, that I haven’t really found some “me time”. I badly need some me time so what little I have, which is now, I’ll use it to make a little post to remind myself that my wordpress isn’t dead and that I can still make a quick get away from my studies even if just for a few moments. So here’s some completely random stuff. Continue reading

#FMSPhotoADay: December Issue – Week 1

Week 1 of my photo-a-day challenge wrap up! I’ve decided to make it a weekly thing since it’s going to get really long if I put a whole month’s worth into one post.

Why not join in on the fun?

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Day 9: This is the weather today
– Hot. Scorching, ice cream melting, sweat dripping, dehydratingly hot. Like summer only it’s not summer.

♫ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. ♫ Please?

♫ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. ♫ Please?

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#FMSPhotoADay: My intro to Instagram

After months of having an inactive instagram account due to my lack of instagram-capable device, I finally got to go semi-active! Semi since I still don’t have an official instagram-capable device because despite this hi-tech world getting more “techy-er” I’m still sporting a legacy Blackberry that I have no intention of giving up just yet.

Anyway, back to the point. I’m finally a semi-active IGer! How you ask? Thanks to Bluestacks I got instagram running on my cousin’s desktop! Man I feel like such a parasite. I’m still working on getting it to run right on my own lappy though. This will serve as my temporary “android device” until I save enough for a phone upgrade (still a Blackberry in case you’re wondering).

My temporary "android device"

My temporary “android device”

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I’ve dealt with dead bodies but I’m afraid of ghosts. (The Haunting Season – Michelle Muto)


♫ Three blind mice. Three blind mice.
See how they run. See how they run.
♫ They all ran after the farmer’s wife
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife ♪
Did you ever see such a sight in your life
♫ As three blind mice? 

Little girls, dolls, mirrors, ghosts, demons, Ouija board, and a nursery rhyme. Perfect combination for an alternative for caffeine. And I don’t drink coffee.

Be careful what you let in… Continue reading