Buried Treasure

A few nights ago, my dad and I somehow ended up talking about buried treasures. I was asking my 85 year-old grandma about her experience during the 2nd world war and if the Japanese ever got as far as to our side of the Country, up here in the mountains. Grandma said they escaped to the mountains because the war was mostly near the sea so I assumed the Japanese never went up to the higher grounds away from the sea.

I was wrong.

The Japanese had climbed up to our side and proof of that were the stories of buried treasure.

These treasures I speak of is not necessarily gold. Well, mostly they are, but treasure can also mean stuff that was left behind (buried) and if discovered in this modern time would be worth fortunes due to its historical value.

The dangerous thing about these treasures is of course, GREED. One of the seven deadly sins. And deadly it is. Sometimes, it’s the thought of fortune that brings out the true nasty nature of humans.

Putting all the stories in one post would get lengthy so I’ll break them down into different posts each and I’ll link them here. A table of contents if you must.
I’ll keep adding in if I get more stories.

Disclaimer: The following stories are subject to biases and are in no way primary information or 100% true unless otherwise stated. 

Buried Treasures: Yamashita Treasure
Buried Treasures: Backhoe Operator
Buried Treasures: Sound of Shovel Hitting Metal
Buried Treasures: Church Entrance


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