Flowers? I don’t really like them.

Bright Pink by RegRRs
Bright Pink, a photo by RegRRs on Flickr.

I don’t like pink. I don’t like flowers. So why am I posting about one?

I don’t like pink. I don’t like flowers. But I like shooting and I don’t have to like them to appreciate them.

It’s like working with people around you. You can’t like and please everyone. Continue reading


Sometime I wish I delved with drug dealing a bit more before going into med school.

I became a drug dealer because my grandmother is one.

When I was still a clueless little kid, I saw my grandma counting wads of bills in her office and I declared that someday I’m going to be just like her. Rich!

And so, as a less clueless teenager,  I became a  drug dealer at 19. Continue reading