The Whole Introvert Thing – So Much Relate! (A me post)

Articles about introversion and extroversion had been circulating in my Facebook (FB) feed for quite some time now and I have been reading them for the laughs. I would check out the “lists” and assess myself and then laugh off whichever ones I could relate to, which is actually most of what are on the lists. Plus, it’s a great (or not so great) trip down memory lane too. This article by The Huffington Post though caught me most because of all the linked articles in my FB feed, this one has seemingly legit references. No I didn’t really check those references out because I could really care less. After all, I’m really just in this for the laughs and the memories.

I’m going to go over the list below with some reasons or back story on why I could relate to it.

1. You find small talk incredibly cumbersome.
I can’t say I agree with this one fully but there is truth to it for me. Then again, most small talk I ever encounter either ends up in awkward silence waiting for the other to say something else or it evolves into a deep conversation. (check #5) Continue reading