Flowers? I don’t really like them.

Bright Pink by RegRRs
Bright Pink, a photo by RegRRs on Flickr.

I don’t like pink. I don’t like flowers. So why am I posting about one?

I don’t like pink. I don’t like flowers. But I like shooting and I don’t have to like them to appreciate them.

It’s like working with people around you. You can’t like and please everyone. Continue reading

Crawling around my house trying to shoot Bravo.

I’m not really much of a marksman. My aim isn’t as steady as I want it but it’s good enough I suppose. Aiming at a rather awkward position doesn’t help either.

There I was lying on my belly on the tiled floor of our living room. It seemed like the target haven’t noticed what it was that I was up to. He has sensed my presence but still oblivious to my purpose.

And then, I raised my weapon.

He had quick reflexes. He gained considerable distance from me before I could even take proper aim. Just like that I had almost lost him. Target: Bravo.  Continue reading