“Me Time” – My Instagram Died… and Stuff

It’s been so long since I’ve writing anything on here! *sigh*

It’s become pretty hectic on school work, being in the last leg of the school year and all, that I haven’t really found some “me time”. I badly need some me time so what little I have, which is now, I’ll use it to make a little post to remind myself that my wordpress isn’t dead and that I can still make a quick get away from my studies even if just for a few moments. So here’s some completely random stuff. Continue reading


And Now I’m on WordPress


The longest blog I’ve ever kept up has to be on Blogger, about 5 months (May to October of 2012).
It was suppose to be a photoblog of sorts. It kinda is I suppose.. It’s currently on hiatusĀ becauseĀ I’m finding it hard to navigate around the site. I wanted to interact with others, read and comment on their posts with the hope of anyone hitting on my posts too (that sounded wrong hehe). Continue reading